CANO is a Franco-Ontarian folk-pop collective which was active from 1975 until 1985. While Wikipedia claims that CANO was "progressive", the band itself describes its style as a mix of folk, rock, and jazz (see

The name comes from the Coopérative des artistes du Nouvel Ontario (CANO), an agricultural and artistic commune established in Sudbury, Ontario.

On stage, CANO was able to produce a level of intensity only comparable to a symphonic orchestra. They did not only produce the most European music in America in their era (which may have hurt their success chances in the U.S.), they did so while bridging the tremendous cultural gap between French and English Canada by including members from both parts and singing in both languages.

Members of the band are singer André Paiement (died in 1978), violinist Wasyl Kohut (died in 1981), guitarists Marcel Aymar and David Burt, bassist John Doerr, pianist Michel Kendel, and drummer Michel Dasti.
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